2016 has seen a staggering amount of celebrity deaths. From David Bowie to Alan Rickman to Ronnie Corbett, a myriad of stars have passed away over the course of the past year.

In particular, the death of Prince was covered heavily in the media; especially highlighted was the fact that he died without making a Will. So why was this such an issue? Why did it matter that he didn’t make his Will in time?

Many people are surprised to learn that, without a Will, there is no guarantee that your loved ones will inherit significantly from your estate. That means the home you’ve worked hard to pay the mortgage on, your savings you’ve toiled away for years to earn and any additional assets you may have are all unprotected!


“But surely it’ll all just go to my family anyway, won’t it?”

We’d all like to think so, but the reality could be very different. Unfortunate cases of people passing away, only to have their estate contested by numerous parties, are sadly rather prominent. Those you want to inherit may not be able to, and those you didn’t want to be allowed anywhere near your estate could get a share.

So how do you prevent this? Simply by making a Will and getting your wishes down on paper. While Wills can still be contested, it is safer than having no Will at all, and further protection can be added in the form of Trusts.

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Many people tragically suffer the same consequences as Prince’s family; without a Will, it can be extremely difficult to organise the affairs of the deceased and settle the estate. Leave love behind and ease future stress for your family by making a Will today.