Giving to charity- according to data from NCVO, 55% of us do it every month. Whether it’s slotting some change into a collection tin or regularly donating to a national charity, it is clear that charitable giving is a cause important to our nation as a whole.

What you may not know is that you can give to charity in your Will, too.

This week (12th-18th September 2016) is “Remember a Charity in your Will” week. This cause aims to get people thinking about their Will, their inheritance, their estate and who will end up with their hard earned assets after they’re gone.

If you’re somebody that regularly gives to charity, or even if you haven’t really thought about it, why not make a donation in your Will? It’s easy to do, and there are thousands of worthy causes you could contribute to.

If you’re interested in charitable Will donations or just want some more information on estate planning, call Accord Legal Services today on 01744 807048.