Benny Hill is remembered as one of Britain’s most beloved comedians. His tragic death in 1992 came as a shock to many. Today, we take a look at the Will he left behind, and show you how vital it is to keep your Will up to date.

Hill’s legal Will was written in 1961- 31 years prior to his death. A lot can happen in 31 years- births, deaths, marriages and divorces, and much more, all of which can drastically affect the terms of a Will. Hill’s 1961 Will left his entire estate to his parents; by 1991, both had passed away.

As the beneficiaries in the Will had died before Mr Hill, the rules of intestacy applied; that is, the rules the law follows to decide who is entitled to a share of the estate. According to these rules, Hill’s brother and sister, Leonard and Diana, were next in line to split the estate between them. Unfortunately, they too were both deceased by the time of Hill’s death.

In the end, the entire estate-totalling £7.5 million- was shared between Hill’s seven surviving nieces and nephews. It was reported that Hill was not close to his brother and sister, so we can assume he wasn’t close to their children either- and yet they still ended up with a share of his estate each.

It emerged that another document was found, stipulating that Hill wished for his estate to be shared equally amongst certain friends; however, as this document was not signed and witnessed correctly, it had no legal standing and therefore Hill’s friends had no claim to the estate.

This shows us how vital it is to not only make your Will and update it regularly, but to also be sure that your Will has been signed, dated and witnessed correctly. The only way to ensure this has been done to a high standard is to seek advice from Will Writing professionals.

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