Working in the estate planning industry is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Our Will consultants are responsible for helping clients make the right Will for their circumstances, ensuring their loved ones have the best chance of inheriting after they’re gone. Over 2/3 of British people have not yet made a Will; this is why it is vital that greater awareness is raised about this issue and that specialists are available to help those who have not yet made these important preparations.

What may surprise you is, you don’t need to be a solicitor to explore this career path. In fact, anybody with the confidence to speak to and advise others and a genuine desire to help people can thrive in this line of work.


Many of our consultants have a background in sales, marketing and retail. Others have had experience working in professional services before, such as work as a financial adviser or estate agents. When it comes to being a consultant, however, your personal attributes are just as important as your work experience; being friendly, outgoing and having confidence in your own ability is vital in order to succeed.

So, how do I do it?

Accord offer four day training courses;  after this, you’d be fully qualified to start taking Will instructions. This is a career that enables you to really make a difference to people’s lives, by enabling them to put provisions in place to leave their estate behind, untouched, for those they love to inherit.

I’ve never written a Will before; is it easy to pick it up?

A Will is a highly specialised document; mistakes in wording can lose beneficiaries their inheritance or even exclude them from the Will altogether! Luckily, you won’t have to worry about this; all our Wills are written by our in-house legal experts. All you’ll need to do is visit the client, take down their Will instructions and pass them on to head office.



What other documents will I be taking instructions for?

Whilst we primarily write Wills, we also offer a range of services related to estate planning. It’s vital that you advise clients on how to properly protect their assets; they can do this by making a Trust, and making a Lasting Power of Attorney. A full explanation of the services we offer can be found on our main website;

Why should I do it?

This is a highly flexible and, ultimately, morally rewarding career. You’re providing peace of mind for your clients; they’ll know their family has the best possible chance of inheriting their estate one day, and that peace of mind is down to you.

So,  if this sounds like your kind of work, why not get in touch? If you think you’ve got the drive and confidence to succeed, we want to hear from you.

Give us a call today on 01744 807048 and ask about our upcoming training course.