Not all Wills are created equal, and one size certainly does not fit all. Everybody’s circumstances are different, and it is vital that this is reflected in your Will, too.

You can make provisions in your Will to cover most exceptional circumstances, ranging from religious requirements, charitable donations and more.

Religious Requirements

Perhaps your religion follows certain rules when it comes to estate planning and finance. In addition, you may wish for your funeral to comply with religious practices and traditions. This can all be specified within your Will, providing your wishes are within the boundaries of the law.

It is best to speak with your provider about what can and cannot be done, but most people’s wishes can be accounted for in a Will. For example, Accord can draft wills that are compliant with Sharia Law at the client’s request. By working with our clients, we strive to deliver a service that is tailored to the individual, whatever the circumstances.

Foreign Property

You may have assets overseas that you’d like to include in your Will. This may range from shares in a business to a valuable property that you’d like to leave behind for your loved ones.

Whilst some parts of the world require you to draft a Will according to their national laws, it may be possible to include these assets within your current Will. For example, Accord offer Wills to accommodate for Spanish properties, even if you’re not a resident of Spain.

Above all else, it is always wise to check the national laws of a country rather than assume you can (or cannot) include assets held there within a British Will.

Exclusions and Donations

You may wish to exclude somebody from your Will. It is unfortunate, but sometimes disagreements happen and family ties get severed. If this happens to somebody that you may have once wished to leave an inheritance to, you are entitled to exclude them from your Will.

A Memorandum of Wishes allows you to specify your reasons for leaving somebody out. It also allows you to leave small gifts of minor monetary value or of solely sentimental value only.

It is also possible to leave part of your estate to an organisation, such as a charity. This has become increasingly popular in recent years, and is a superb way to support a cause you care deeply about- even after you’re gone. Accord would be happy to help you leave a donation to a charity; all you’d need to do is specify the gift in your Will.

Accord can help you with your exceptional circumstances, whatever they may be. Give us a call today, on 01744 807048, or send us an email, at