You may recall a legal case from several years ago, in which the daughter of a deceased woman appealed her mother’s Will which she was excluded from.

This was the case of Heather Ilott, who made her claim after her mother left her estate to three animal charities, excluding Ilott entirely. After being told initially that she would be awarded £50,000 for being “unfairly excluded,” a High Court judge declared Ilott would receive nothing at all when she appealed for a high figure.

Ilott had been explicitly excluded from her mother’s Will; they were not close, and Ilott’s mother had clearly stated that Ilott should “expect no inheritance from (her) when (she) dies.”

After several years of appeals, Ilott was finally told she would receive £164,000 from her late mother’s estate, despite her mother’s wishes for her to receive nothing at all.

The Supreme Court ruled against the previous decision to award Ilott more money.

However, in a shocking turn of events, the three animal charities that were supposed to inherit from the estate won a Supreme Court challenge, and the previous decision to award Ilott a higher sum was reversed. As a result, Ilott received the original award of £50,000.

It was thought that, upon Ilott’s successful claim to £168,000, the ruling would make it more difficult to disinherit unwanted beneficiaries from your Will. However, with these recent developments, we could now see the current law being questioned to give greater weight to the wishes in Wills.

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