According to the Daily Mail, rising property prices are impacting the number of Wills challenged per year. In 2015, a record 14,000 Wills were challenged by disgruntled potential beneficiaries; this means that 14,000 estates were left in limbo whilst the deceased’s wishes were not immediately followed.

Disputed Wills can take a long time- sometimes many years- to resolve, often draining the value of the estate to almost nothing in the process. There are ways to reduce the chance of unwanted beneficiaries disputing your Will; read on to find out more.

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Don’t stress about making your Will- help is at hand!

Be Clear

Clarity is vital when making a Will. If it’s unclear exactly what you want to happen to your estate, it becomes much easier to dispute later on; if your wording is crystal clear, it’s far more likely that your wishes will be upheld.

Safeguard your Assets

A Will is essential, as it’s the only way to get your wishes down on paper for after you’re gone, but there’s more you can do to provide protection for your assets- one way to do this is by creating a Trust. This is often done because, while Wills are good for stating your wishes, they do not provide any real protection for your estate. A Trust, on the other hand, is looked after by Trustees chosen by you, who will follow your instructions to the letter- even after your death. This greatly reduces the ability of others to dispute your Will, as your assets are held securely in a Trust.

Leave it to the Experts!

The best way to ensure your Will is clear, protective and tailored to you is to leave it to a professional. Accord Legal Services are a specialist Will and Estate Planning provider; we can inform you of all the options available to you, offering a free, no-obligation home consultation.

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